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Article Forge is a powerful content writing software tool that automatically produces unique, full-bodied, high-quality content in less than sixty seconds. It has a deep understanding of keywords by collecting millions of related articles from the web and studying it for its vocabulary and grammar. It then uses these keywords to create fresh content. The resulting original work is always Search Engine Optimized (SEO) friendly. It’s free to try.

Like many good spinning tools, Article Forge includes a “spinning wheel”. With this tool, you simply click on the right button and start spinning your articles. This will generate many new articles as well as older, recycled ones that are already high in quality and with much good keywords. Each article has a statistics tab where you can see how many hits you have received. The number of unique visitors is also displayed.

Another great feature of Article Forge is its “spinning pool”. This is a mechanism by which you can easily find the best alternatives to your articles. Simply type a keyword in the search box, wait for it to be generated and see how many other similar terms are generated. You can use this to your advantage by finding more relevant and highly searched keywords for generating fresh, new content.

Unlike most seo content machines, however, Article Forge requires one-time registration before using it. You must create an account with the website in order to be able to use the articles builder and spinning wheel. There are some additional fees for upgrade and subscription which are not included in the free version.

As with any good SEO content generator software tool, Article Forge also provides a comprehensive helpdesk for users to get help and answer questions they may have. The helpdesk also contains FAQs for newbies and advanced tutorials for experienced users. If you need any additional help, you can get it from the FAQs, the online support or through the blog. There is also an active community forum where you can get answers to your SEO content generator queries. This community is very active and there are always active members posting on the forum answering queries. In fact, the forum is probably one of the best places to get advice for your article generation campaign.

Article Forge also has a built in spintax integration. The spintax plugin allows users to automatically publish all their articles as spinner text. This is done by pre-filling the spintax fields and then posting the articles. All the spintax code is written into the resource box at the end of each article. The spintax code that is integrated into this article generator tool allows you to easily automate the submission of the articles.

One of the main tools in Article Forge is the artificial intelligent article authoring tool. This tool analyzes your articles to find anomalies in grammar and structure. Based on these anomalies, the tool creates a custom article according to your specifications. This will be published with your main keyword rich title, keywords used in the title, and a description. Since the articles are completely automated, you don’t need to be around while the articles are being created, all you need to do is sit back and relax while the tool does all the hard work for you. You can be sure that your articles will be unique and informative, just like the topics you are writing about.

To top it all, Article Forge also integrates the Google Suggested Article and the Yahoo Answers Article bot. These two tools make it easier for other users to find you, both in organic search results and via organic search results. Unique content writers can also use the built-in search engine optimization tool to locate good topics, submit their articles to those sites, and then promote their articles on their websites. What is more, the tool also offers article marketing services, which means you can increase the traffic to your website through article marketing.

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